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12018-08-02Hepatitis B Virus Database loaded (release 45.0, 89447 entries, 114587156 residues).
22018-06-16Hepatitis B Virus Database loaded (release 44.0, 88274 entries, 113781216 residues).
32018-05-14HBVdb annotation process updated to remove 27 artificial consensus sequences deposited as standard ones in INSDC.
42018-05-14Improved Fasta file sequence extraction with improved length range computation (including better taking into account of codons) for a better consistency between nucleic and protein sequence files.
52018-05-14Fixed description to avoid trailing ',' in list of proteins includes in partial genomes. This fixes too Fasta file sequence headers.
62018-05-10Hepatitis B Virus Database loaded (release 43.0, 88219 entries, 113757612 residues).
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